TheFootRoom – Nicoles Hysterical Lickle Tickle
TheFootRoom – Nicoles Hysterical Lickle Tickle

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Nicole is a stunning 20 year old Domme with SEXY size 9 feet. She has long slender toes and long thick soles. The MOMENT my tongue gets in those toes she is a giggling mess. She is trying SO hard to stay still and as I bite those soles she is SUPER hysterical. Poor Nicole has REALLY thick and sensitive soles. This is a SEXY worship all the same because her moving her feet shows how beautiful her feet are. Her laugh is so sexy and watching her FIGHT to keep it in and failing miserably it just hits different. Honestly this is one that is VERY sexy for those lickle tickle fans.
Length: 5:28
Resolution: 3840x2160


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