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TheFootRoom – Allisons Gang Lickle Tickle
TheFootRoom – Allisons Gang Lickle Tickle

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Allison is NO stranger to foot worship but for her it has NEVER been on the pleasure side. Allison is HYPER sensitive on her poor feet. She wants to enjoy it and really does try but the moment you even BREATHE on her feet shes a giggling mess. Well despite how HARD Chloe and Christina try they CANNOT get Allison to stop laughing but she LOVES to make witty one liners that make the models giggle and break character which honestly helps because fun fact, Christina does not always do worship its VERY rare. Christina is nervous being next to pro foot worship lover Chloe but Allison breaking even Chloe straight face makes Christina go a little heavier!
Length: 5:23
Resolution: 3840x2160


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