TheFootRoom – Queen Dalvinas Bratty Lickle Tickle
TheFootRoom – Queen Dalvinas Bratty Lickle Tickle

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So from the Tickling Videos me and Dalvina have an already amazing chemistry. The way we work together and banter is hilarious. So I am VERY nice and many models say that but I am also VERY dominant. I rarely show a submissive side ever and Dalvina LOVES to be a brat. She is all about it. So the moment I start worshipping her DELICATE and SEXY size 7.5 soles she is talking smack. She starts with how do they taste and then quietly "You gonna deep throat them too?". So I actually do and before she can even FINISH her next joke I run some fingers along her soles and she hysterically bursts. Every time she tries to slow down I get her going. This is one sexy and funny Lickle Tickle with an amazing model I cannot wait to see again!
Length: 5:48
Resolution: 3840x2160


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