TheTickleRoom – Tiffanys Nylon Double Team with Alyx
TheTickleRoom – Tiffanys Nylon Double Team with Alyx

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So here are 2 of what I would say are super underrated Tickle Room models, Alyx and Tiffany. They are both SUPER ticklish yet surprisingly rarely booked! Now Tiffany is up first in nylons and she is HYPER sensitive everywhere. Tiffany has small VERY sensitive feet but she has never been tickled in pantyhose so this is a new and VERY intense feeling fast for her. She is SPREAD in the stocks and the nylons are tied behind the stocks so she is LIMITED in movement not to mention her arms are above her head. So we start on each foot all fingers going super intense. Tiffany is laughing and attempting to fight already but the nylons are just pulling her feet right back into place. She is fighting so hard by the end she is ripping through the Nylons but me and Alyx dont care as we continue on!
Length: 7:50
Resolution: 1920x1080


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