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ZenTickling – Riot Stretched Out and Tickled
ZenTickling – Riot Stretched Out and Tickled

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This is one my favorite moments from the shoot. Riot is stretched out with her arms bound tightly over her head, totally immobile and vulnerable to whatever Edith would like to do. Edith overs over her victim and probes all of her exposed tickle spots, teasing her in a playful voice that makes the reaction more intense. Riot exclaims that Edith's looks are deceiving, and calls her a 'villainous tickle maestro' in between giggles. Zen joins in to ratchet up the intensity, and the two ticklers drive Riot to screaming laughter. Riot's armpits and belly are the focus of this clip and upper body lovers will be satisfied.
Length: 6:56
Resolution: 1920x1080


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