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ZenTickling – Jenn Gang Tickled
ZenTickling – Jenn Gang Tickled

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Jenn is another new model who has never been tied up and tickled before. After watching her friend's experience it is now her turn to be tickled. Zen begins the tickling, finding that Jenn's armpits and ribs are very sensitive. Edith can barely contain herself and jumps in (before being instructed to do so). Not wanting to be left out Nicole also joins the fun and proves herself to be a natural tickler. Six hands explore Jenn's body and look for every single spot that gets a ticklish reaction. Jenn giggles and squeals but cannot protect herself and has to give in the the laughter. After we finish the scene and untie her, Jenn exclaimed 'OMG that was so fun'.
Length: 6:55
Resolution: 1920x1080


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