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ZenTickling – Riot Tagteam Tickled
ZenTickling – Riot Tagteam Tickled

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The tickling of Riot continues as Zen gets to join in and have a bit of fun. The ticklers move down to Riot's soft, ticklish soles and begin teasing them with feathers and fingers. They both try out different tickle tools to try to determine what gets the best reaction from their victim. Near the end of the clip Edith starts to venture up towards Riot's violently ticklish belly, and Zen follows. The both tickle the helpless girl, taking turns to see which person gets the loudest laughs (Zen wins of course). Riot goes crazy when Zen really digs into her sides/belly, and she does not last long before the begging begins.
Length: 5:07
Resolution: 1920x1080


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