TheTickleRoom – Jei Jeis Wide Foot Tickle!
TheTickleRoom – Jei Jeis Wide Foot Tickle!

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Here we have 22 year old Jei Jei! She is Mei Meis cousin and best friend. They hang out a lot and Jei Jei is the super innocent sports fan of the family. Now she like Mei Mei has SUPER wide thicc size 8 feet for a pretty small girl (guess it runs in the family lol). Well Jei Jei was really excited to see the Knicks possibly make it to the finals and wanted to go to games.....but money has been REALLY tight. So! she asked Mei Mei to hook her up and came to get tickled right out of work! She is super cute and apologetic immediately laughing and saying sorry saying she is trying to stay still. When I find her spot she CRUNCHES her toes in the cutest way and laughs in these VERY hearty bursts. Its such a cute laugh when the lotion gets in there and just makes it SO much worse for her. The tools make it worse but honestly she is an all fingers gal. So me and Mei Mei finish it off with a fingers double team. Side note there is some background noise that comes booming in occasionally I do apologize about that!
Length: 7:06
Resolution: 1920x1080


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