TheTickleRoom – Evil Double Team Revenge on Christina
TheTickleRoom – Evil Double Team Revenge on Christina

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Sorry it took a while but you all have been seeing Chloe and Imelda just GET IT. From hysterical laughter to moaning foot worship its been ALL on them. Well now the queens of feet want their revenge and their sight is SET on poor Christina and her size 6.5 soles. Now Christina has SOFT and VERY expressive toes so I KNOW the girls are gonna get ALL over them. Well I try a position change with her feet up and on each corner. Its far from perfect but honestly I think its more fun watching the struggle into them getting her. It was very impromptu and I LOVED the outcome. So Christina is SPREAD and nervous with Imelda and Chloe on EACH foot. Now before they were on each other but COMBINED??? Christina is tired and you can see the genuine fear in her eyes as they remove her socks together. Imelda does the half sock off before ripping it off. Christina FLIPS in a way I have NEVER seen and her toes STRETCH. This really is a new world. Imelda and Chloe REALLY tease poor Christina. She is screaming and fighting as they use the glove and brush to a whole new level. The lickle tickling is amazing as they tease Christina and surprisingly....she falls in LOVE with it. She starts to wind down and soft moan saying she needs a breather before they REALLY go in. But as always....this is JUST the beginning.
Length: 6:01
Resolution: 1920x1080


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