TheTickleRoom – Sophies Testing The Stocks
TheTickleRoom – Sophies Testing The Stocks

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Me and Sophie have been close friends for years now. Her whole life has been super restricted so shooting with me was hard for her. I actually thought of backing off and not working with her but one day she finally actually told me she was ready. She is actually a very shy person so tickling for her is so out of her realm. She is ticklish but the feeling makes her awkward. She will sit there internally screaming but hold it in because that is how she was told to be. She was mocked for her feet most of her life and thanks to the community and fans now sees her feet are VERY popular and sexy! So she actually said "hey I don't mind spending some time trying the new bondage for you". This is a very simple yet fun clip of me tickling Sophie and not getting much of a reaction SO I test out some bastinado on her which she actually a degree.
Length: 10:18
Resolution: 1920x1080


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