RomyFetish – Romy has to endure a very hard tickle situation
RomyFetish – Romy has to endure a very hard tickle situation

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Slave Romy is held by her Mistress Mellemfootfetish in the dungeon, and today’s schedule is some renaissance style tickling. Romy is secured in stocks with her head and hands locked. Her knees are on a bench, and her feet are chained together. She has also a blindfold and a ballgag. Melle starts to tickle her exposed belly, she slaps her ass too with her hands and a whip. Then she moves to Romy’s feet, and take off her sneakers. Her feet are already sweaty, her socks are almost wet yet. Melle tickles her socked feet, and then take off the socks. She puts some oil, and use the paintbrush on her feet to expand the oil all over. Then she uses her nails and the electric toothbrush to make Romy laugh. She can’t move a lot, it’s one of the secure bondage she ever endure, since she can barely move her toes. Melle enjoys her tickle toy it and slaps her feet too, and finish the tickling with an hairbrush. Romy is desperate and drool a lot with her ballgag, laughing under this nasty tickle punishment!
Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920x1080


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