RomyFetish – You should never have teased me!
RomyFetish – You should never have teased me!

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As a neighbour of Romy for long years now, I always loved to see her going in the pool, or when she is exercising... Her nice ass in her leggings is making me crazy. And I love watching her taking off her shoes after a long sweaty sport session. I'm sure she's doing her workout outside in purpose to tease me. She loves being admired! I wonder if those sweaty little feet are ticklish... I would love to catch her and take her into my garage, strap her on my table, and tickle her ass and her lovely little feet. Her nice toes as well, between them, and also try my massage tool on her taped feet. Oh! And I wonder if they are more ticklish when they are really sweaty... That’s a lot of fantasies, right ? I... I can't stand it anymore. I have to do it! Well Romy... You should never have teased me...
Length: 19:54
Resolution: 1920x1080


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