RomyFetish – Dissipated student learns how to focus in detention
RomyFetish – Dissipated student learns how to focus in detention

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Today Mellemfootfetish puts one of her student in detention. You wonder why, right ? Because she doesn’t study well of course. Melle is a very successful teacher and she can’t stand bad students. She wants the best, always the best. Only results matter! Romy is working at her desk and Melle comes in to see how she handles her exercises. Poor Romy is struggling with it, so her teacher decides to make her more focus. How ? With some tickling! While Romy is dangling her ballerina flats under the chair, Melle enjoys tickling her pink soles with her nails, and also with a feather. She orders Romy to keep working, and remain concentrated. Romy is wiggling and laughing, but Melle insists, tickling is the best way to be focused. Since her student is squirming too much, the sadistic teacher tapes tie her feet together so she can’t move anymore. The poor ticklish student can’t escape the tickling from her teacher, but since she isn’t focused anymore, Melle decides to punish her, by tape tying her hands behind her back, and some more tickling with her nails, feather and also a paintbrush on her victim's worst spot : her toes. Great video for those like us who had this naughty school fantasy!
Length: 14:33
Resolution: 1920x1080


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