SMWife – Superfox and Mao Ping’s second weekly session
SMWife – Superfox and Mao Ping’s second weekly session

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The secret organization leaded by Mao Ping has engaged to work for him the secret agent Superfox, a blonde attractive milf skilled in thefts and spying. Mao Ping is a dirty, filthy, pervert, sadist old man. His agreement with Superfox provides that, if she wants to work for him, when he desires, but not much more than 1 time each week and for not more of 10 minutes each time, she must satisfy his lustful perverted desires. One week has passed quickly so Superfox, for the second time is alone with Mao Ping in his "games room". This time she must undress herself and then let the old man tie her to a bed, spreadeagled, completely naked! Then, when she is bound and available, Mao Ping begins first of all to tickle her helpless naked feet. And then, after some minutes, Mao Ping comes closer and tickles her whole upperbody, from the thighs to the armpits. Slowly and softly, so he can feed his need of lust with every moan, laugh, scream and sexy struggling moves of her gorgeous naked body. Finally, excited, Mao Ping touches her sensually and gives her an orgasm! Oh, why 10 minutes can sometimes seem 1 hour or more?
Length: 11:36
Resolution: 1920x1080


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