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Fettish – Vengeance – Tickle Dice – Sushii
Fettish – Vengeance – Tickle Dice – Sushii

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Have you ever watched Dereks’ clips, and wondered how one would tickle him in order to pull the most delicious sounds of revenge from his lips? Pondered about the spots that make him beg, the tools that send him into hysterics? Well then, this video is your guide. Strapped to the chair, his sensitive feet the only part of him so vulnerably exposed, Derek can only watch in horror as Sushii decides his fate. (Un)Fortunately for him, she lands on a fun little game with some dice she brought along. The idea is simple enough: guess the number rolled or get tickled. But Derek soon realizes that this game is anything but easy. He finds getting past even the second of the dice to be a challenge, and soon begs to move on. At times, it’s as though you’re tickling him yourself, and Sushii is relentless; his pleading falls on deaf ears. Helpless and hopeless, Derek succumbs to his fate. If only he could escape. Feather Rating 1-5: (4) Bee kind, bee kinky,
Length: 32:00
Resolution: 1920x1080


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