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Fettish – Vengeance – Chaos!
Fettish – Vengeance – Chaos!

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I'm an idiot for this one. The shoot was about to end with this gang of miscreants and one of them (I'll blame Mia, I'm near certain it was her) pipes up with, 'So we do a revenge clip now right?' 'Nah, I think there isnt enough time', came my reply. Another voice (and I 'think' it was Rae) said, 'oh come on we have time!'. I paused and waffled. Wondering if 1) there was time and 2) did I REALLY want to get tickled by five at one time?! The other factor I'd forgotten was a long and fast rule I've had - don't go last. Ever. Usually I'll shoot a chair clip on whoever first, then I'll let them get me back, and finish the day doing all the other scenes on whoever is here. No no, ole Mr. McForgetful went ahead and shot all these scenes then jumped his ass in the chair. I can't describe how terrible this was.
Length: 16:06
Resolution: 1920x1080


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