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ItaliansTicklingCruel – Prisoner of Her Nails
ItaliansTicklingCruel – Prisoner of Her Nails

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The long awaited date with the goddess did not go as hoped. After he used a couple of words she doesn't like to hear, the encounter quickly turned into an experience of imprisonment, at the mercy of this wonderful dominatrix's gorgeous hands. Her nails make the captive wince with each light touch and passage over his exposed skin. The tickling to which she exposes the boy is insanely arousing and teasing. The intense arousal goes hand in hand with the irresistible urge to beg her for mercy, but she won't listen to reason and goes on, enjoying seeing the man squirm and beg, completely dominated by the provocative sensuality of the mistress. He is her little toy, her helpless trophy and her own property - one she won't ever let escape from her punishing nails...
Length: 10:38
Resolution: 1920x1080


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