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BleuFetishTickling – Tashas Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial – PART 2 – Remastered Classic
BleuFetishTickling – Tashas Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial – PART 2 – Remastered Classic

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Domina Skye starts with the lower body and inner thighs, and then goes back to Ms. Slim's ticklish hipbones where the BIG reactions are. When she attacks the model's sides it's a good thing the Velcro is holding because the model seems to levitate off the board. "Are your poor little muscles just spasming?" Skye asks as she tickles the model's ribs and discusses what will happen if Slim isn't given a break. Slim is shrieking now and desperately trying to hold it in. Skye toys with her, giving her a small break and then attacks again with her long nails in the armpits and down the model's sensitive body. Both feet are tickled, with some brief help from The Mystery Hands, as Slim squirms, shrieks and taps the board frantically, howling. She is now BEGGING FURIOUSLY and screaming her guts out! Skye gives her short breaks and then attack again. "This is bad," says Ms. Slim, foolishly insulting her tormentor further and Skye increases the tickling "to avenge her honor." Slim is instructed to apologize to Skye and tries both begging and apologizing to no avail. Skye will not let up, Slim is screaming apologies and laughing, almost levitating off the board. After much torment, it is noted that if saying you're sorry doesn't help sometimes begging does. If you like intensity, just watch Skye attack these lovely hipbones. You won't believe that in our next clip The Mystery Hands will take things to yet another level. This is Clip is over 6 minutes long.
Length: 6:52
Resolution: 1920x1080


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