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BleuFetishTickling – Tashas Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial – PART 3 – Remastered Classic
BleuFetishTickling – Tashas Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial – PART 3 – Remastered Classic

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This clip begins with The Mystery Hands leaning on the tickling board above Ms. Slim declaring, " So you thought it was bad so far? When I see someone off camera who is as ticklish as you I cant help but tickle them the way they were meant to be tickled." TMH's dig in and from the beginning they are merciless!. ""Do you like to beg?"" he says as he goes directly to her most vulnerable areas immediately. It's obvious that things are at a whole new level as Slim is definitely scared and believes that this is going to be reallllly BAD. TMH's do their usual effective job of intimidating their victim into being EXTRA TICKLISH! Places that had only a little effect for Skye now make Slim scream. TMH's tells her ""not to turn it off"" as she begs and apologizes, ""I'm Sorry"", over and over. "Not as sorry as your gonna be," he promises. Her pelvic area and inner thighs are tickled and Slim can't do anything but howl, beg and shriek as Skye laughs from off camera. Slim is going nuts... she is screaming, trying to bite TMH's, threatening, and slapping the board, shouting " I'm gonna! I can't take it!" . Sigh... this is music to our ears!!! Now that the model is exhausted and struggling to breathe, Skye comes back in to help and in the next few minutes Ms. Slim completely loses her mind and starts screaming at the top of her lungs. YOU REALLY HAVE NOT HEARD SCREAMING TILL YOU'VE HEARD MS. SLIM. She begs, and pleads, negotiates, promises anything, apologizes and basically has no idea what she is talking about. Both Skye and TMH's work on her upper and lower body and playfully discuss her toothpaste commercial gone bad. She is obviously becoming incoherent as the Mystery Hands ask her what she'll do to make them stop. T his just further confuses the poor girl and she goes on to lose her mind and SCREAM EVEN MORE!!! WOW... THIS IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST 8 MINUTES OF TICKLING WE'VE EVER DONE, but you really want to consider purchasing the full clip as it's an extra special video from beginning to end. This is Clip is 8 minutes long.
Length: 8:19
Resolution: 1920x1080


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