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BleuFetishTickling – Tashas Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial – PART 1 – Remastered Classic
BleuFetishTickling – Tashas Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial – PART 1 – Remastered Classic

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Years ago I promised Tom from TA that I wouldn't use Tasha's name on this one. But since he sold TA, Ms Slim is now rightfully called TASHA's Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial! We begin with Domina Skye and the conservatively dressed Ms. Slim seated on our massage table. Skye begins by searching for ticklish spots and Ms. Slim has no idea what she's in for , she thinks this is just going to be a playful, fun experience and it will be... for a little while!! She's obviously enjoying being touched by Skye and so eager to please that she helps point out her ticklish areas. Lot's of cute dialog and squirming as Skye plays with an untied Ms. Slim who actually thinks that this little teasing is already "too much" . Skye removes Slim's sweater and after playing with her sensitive feet for a bit, decides, "I think we're going to have to tie you down". Next, we find Slim tied to our tickling board, topless and wearing only red panties. Skye begins lightly with the armpits , but Slim's so nervous and excited at this point she's almost dazed. Skye works her way down to Ms. Slim's sides and slowly builds up the intensity, the model starts laughing louder and demands a break. When Skye finds her sensitive hips, both girls know "it is all over" . Slim didn't even know about that ticklish spot! Skye then goes down to Slim's feet, as she continues to try to resist. TMH's from off camera say that they think Slim is getting excited, which is obvious. S kye returns to the model's sensitive hips , and decides they are her favorite place to tickle on her. Skye has now worked her victim up to laughing, screaming and begging for a break. She is practically howling. Because of her great personality and uninhibited reactions, Domina Skye says that Ms. Slim may be her "favorite person to tickle" . The intensity is increasing and Ms. Slim starts to realize that this is just the beginning and what she is receiving is " horrible ", and not just some playful tickling. Since she has never done anything like this before she really didn't realize how intense this was going to be. Both women need a break, t he model for laughing, and Skye from laughing at her. This Clip is 8 minutes.
Length: 8:13
Resolution: 1920x1080


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