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ZenTickling – Turn That Ass Red
ZenTickling – Turn That Ass Red

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I put Edith face down on the rack with every intention of tormenting her bare ass. At first I stretch her out and slowly tickle her sides, back and armpits. She might think she is out of the woods but then I yank her pants down and tickle her rear end. She bucks and squirms while I have my way with her. After a bit of tickling I take out a paddle and give her some good whacks. Her butt turns bright red and she screams in pain, begging for me to tickle her instead. Eventually I oblige, but I start tickling her around her ears (which she hates). I grab her hair by the ponytail and ruthlessly torment her weakest spot. Soon she is begging me to smack her instead, and I do not go easy on her. The sound of her screams is even more intense as she begins to realize that there is no way out for her.
Length: 9:29
Resolution: 1920x1080


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