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ZenTickling – Good Girl Edith
ZenTickling – Good Girl Edith

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Edith and I were having a private session but when I had her all tied up she looked too good not to share. She is totally nude and stretched out on the rack, covered in slippery body oil. Her belly shines as my fingers scramble up and down her sides, most of the attention going to her sensitive ribs. I really get her going good, to the point where she has trouble breathing. Next I move down to her feet, which are also covered in oil. Fingers work best, and Edith does a great job of not moving while I deliver the tickling. Back up to her upper body I focus on her nipples (which she absolutely hates). She refuses to admit weakness so I show no mercy. After a bunch of nipple focus I grab a flogger and snap her body a few times. A flash of defiance disappears and she breaks down in tears. Then I fuck her while she is tied up, tickling her ribs and nipples at the same time.
Length: 12:57
Resolution: 1920x1080


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