ZenTickling – Tickle Withdrawal
ZenTickling – Tickle Withdrawal

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Edith and I have been away on a trip for a bit and we have not had much time to ourselves. The day we returned home I got our bedroom all set up, then surprised Edith by leading her upstairs and strapping her to our bed. This clip is a mix of sensual and extreme tickling, mostly on Edith's upper body. Partway through the clip she decides that she is not going to audibly react to any tickling, which sends me into a tickle frenzy trying to break her. I wander down to her lower body, and you can see her react as I tickle her feet and her legs. Her inner thighs ALMOST get her, but it ends up being the knees that send her over the edge. She loses and is soon frantically begging for me to stop. We took a break after shooting and found out that I had made her pee just a little bit, it was that intense.
Length: 14:51
Resolution: 1280x720


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