TickleIntensive – Cindi Screams
TickleIntensive – Cindi Screams

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Age: 27 Foot Size: 9 (extra wrinkled) NONSTOP TICKLING. NO SAFEWORD. TOPLESS NUDITY. Dacey’s got gorgeous Asian hottie Cindi locked in the stocks TOPLESS with her incredibly ticklish feet bare and toetied. Dacey thinks her feet are cute... but are they ticklish!? Dacey doesn’t start off light – she rapidly spiders her long fingernails in the center of Cindi’s ticklish wrinkled soles, causing her to scream with surprise and burst into UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER! She screams that she can’t take it, but things just go from bad to worse when Dacey uses not only her nails, but the comb, the skewers, and the brushes ON CINDI’S SENSITIVE FEET! The tickling is too much, and she goes go wild – bucking and struggling, screaming at the top of her lungs with hysterics, but nothing stops the tickling! “HAHAHA, NO STOP! I CAN’T TAKE THAT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU FUCKING BITCH!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” screams Cindi. Dacey takes her victim’s protests and insults as her cue to start tickling her nude upperbody. She DESTROYS Cindi, sadistically tickling her armpits, sides, BREASTS, stomach, even her hips and inner thighs get tickled! The hysterical girl practically tries to crawl out of the stocks, but she’s tied in tight, and there’s nowhere for her to go! All she can do is laugh and beg as the tickling goes on and on without a break in sight! The tickling doesn’t stop until Cindi’s completely WRECKED – gasping with exhaustion, covered in sweat, she looks into the camera wondering what could possibly come next...
Length: 10:48
Resolution: 1920x1080


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