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ZenTickling – Emily’s Ticklish Pits
ZenTickling – Emily’s Ticklish Pits

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Emily is now standing in an X post, wrists suspended from the ceiling and legs separated by a spreader bar. I take the lead here because Emily is vulnerable to more aggressive tickling, and because I can't resist some ticklish armpits. My hands find all of Emily's ticklish spots, focusing on her belly, ribs, and armpits. She trashes and squirms as she tries to get away, but all she can do is laugh. I invite Edith to come help, then eventually pass her the reigns. Edith teases her poor victim as her fingers explore Emily's petite body. I come in at the end and make her proclaim her love of armpit tickling in order to earn a break.
Length: 5:39
Resolution: 1920x1080


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