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ZenTickling – Edith Wrecked with Intense Hogtie Tickling
ZenTickling – Edith Wrecked with Intense Hogtie Tickling

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It has been a little while since I have done a scene with Edith and she’s been itching for an intense session where she loses totally control. She specifically requested that I hogtie her, which I was happy to do. After she’s securely tied I surprise her with the ball gag and demand that she maintains eye contact with the camera. I start off tickling her exposed soles, using brushes, fingers, teeth, and my tongue to drive her crazy. When she starts to get complacent I switch things up by targeting her ticklish ribs. Edith squirms as she squeals helplessly into the gag, giving pleading looks to the camera (though you can tell she really loves it). Partway through the clip I flip her over and really give her a good belly tickling, throwing in a few raspberries. By the end of the 8 minute session she is spent, but asking for more. Should I give it to her?
Length: 7:44
Resolution: 1920x1080


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