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UKTickling – Ruby Gives Jay Some Wrapped-Up Tickle Payback!
UKTickling – Ruby Gives Jay Some Wrapped-Up Tickle Payback!

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Now it's Ruby's turn to get some payback and she can't wait! With Missy Jay mummified face-down, she can have her way with her super-ticklish nylon soles! Jay's nails were bad, but Ruby's are even worse and she has her going crazy in no time as she runs them up and down her helpless feet. She's soon working up a sweat as Ruby goes to town, starting off with slow, teasing tickles, then increasing the intensity until it's too much! Ruby is having way too much fun and she doesn't spare Jay at all, holding her feet tight and using her nails to get right into Jay's sensitive toes until she is howling and begging her to stop! Jay is working up a sweat (even the plastic wrap is steaming up) as Ruby rips open her stockings to get her bare soles too. Poor Jay can't really cannot cope as Ruby torments her helpless bare soles, tickling her with surgical precision! She decides Jay is not going anywhere and she straddles her ankles to pin her tight before adding lotion to her wrinkly soles. Ruby stays put, pinning Jay's feet down tight as she punishes them mercilessly for the remaining time...whilst Jay becomes increasingly frantic! In the end, all she can do is laugh herself silly as Ruby laughs at her. She's melting from the heat but laughing uncontrollably when Ruby finally lets up - revenge is most definitely a dish served hot in this one! It's wild!
Length: 15:11
Resolution: 1920x1080


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