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UKTickling – Rachelle Is Broken On The Mule!
UKTickling – Rachelle Is Broken On The Mule!

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Rachelle gets two of her most intense tickling sessions back-to-back, in one crazy clip! Wearing workout gear with leotard, leg warmers and sheer tan pantyhose, she is tickled on the Mule in two different positions - and both produce insane reactions that leave Rachelle completely ruined by the end! In the first scene, Rachelle is secured on her front with legs and feet cuffed and strapped to the arms. As Rachelle hates the hogtie, this is one of the worst positions for her - with both her sides and soles completely exposed! She gets tickled on her nylon feet first and Rachelle knows it's going to be bad as she cracks up totally. Very soon she is completely nuts as her legs and then body are tickled. This is a short scene but she is totally hysterical - laughing, gasping, snorting and even swearing as the brush is used on her soles and her sides (her worst spot!) are squeezed...she barely makes it through five minutes and is completely finished by the end! Naturally, we felt she needed to get tickled again so this time she is restrained with her helpless soles cuffed together in front of her face. Focusing on her sensitive feet, Rachelle is once again reduced to a quivering wreck as she gets another very intense tickling! Her helpless soles are tickled with fingers and the brush which drives her insane. Her super-ticklish toes get a lot of focus and when the nylons are ripped she really can't cope. Rachelle is not impressed when we add some baby lotion and the brush to finish her off - and it really does finish her off! A very intense finale that leaves her quite shell-shocked...and after she finally regains her breath, she can't stop laughing! This one has a couple of mins of cute BTS footage at the end as a broken Rachelle recovers to have some pics taken. Please Note: there's some audio distortion at times as the sound was recorded a little too high (especially when Rachelle is going nuts!) As a result, we're selling both scenes out together for the lowest price C4S will allow and they're both GREAT scenes so don't miss out!
Length: 13:22
Resolution: 1920x1080


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