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UKTickling – Luna Punishes Chantelle’s Insanely Ticklish Soles!
UKTickling – Luna Punishes Chantelle’s Insanely Ticklish Soles!

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Little Luna gets her own back and Chantelle remembers that payback really is a bitch - particularly when you're as ridiculously ticklish as she is! Strapped face-down, Chantelle's nylon soles are totally helpless as Luna's go to work and she is hysterical in no time! Pinning her legs with her body, Luna runs her nails all over Chantelle's helpless feet until she is going crazy. Luna is having a great time, once she sees how ticklish Chantelle is and she really goes to work on her. It gets even wilder when she moves up her thighs and tickles her upperbody too. Chantelle thrashes wildly as Luna torments her sides, before returning to tickle the hell out of her feet once more! She rips the nylons and thoroughly punishes her bare soles too, sitting on her legs as she works her fingers under Chantelle's crazy-ticklish toes! She turns her into a complete wreck by the end, as her furious fingers do their work. A short but very hot scene, and a brutal lesson for Chantelle!
Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920x1080


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