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UKTickling – Joa Is Mummified & Completely Hysterical!
UKTickling – Joa Is Mummified & Completely Hysterical!

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Insanely ticklish Joa Nova makes a return visit and gets mummified for a truly crazy tickle session! Joa is just unbearably ticklish from head to toe and her reactions are extreme so this was always going to be a wild one. Wearing just panties, sheer stockings and heels, Joa is wrapped up and strapped down with only head, feet and her amazing boobs exposed. Her reactions are once again off the scale, as her nylon feet are lightly teased and her heels fly off as she kicks like crazy! Another very loud and very crazy tickle session, as Joa's sexy nylon feet are tormented with fingers and the hairbrush. Unusually, the hairbrush is the one thing that doesn't tickle too much on her foot bottoms, but it still drives her nuts whenever it even lightly touches the sides of her sole! It's crazy because her feet are so sensitive that even the feather tickles like mad - even through the nylons - and Joa squeals and shrieks with laughter as it does! Her incredible boobs are also unbearably ticklish and she get's some intense nipple tickling that actually causes her to rip through the plastic to break free - twice! Her nylon feet then get another bout of very intense tickling before the stockings are ripped to expose her bare soles and toes. Her helpless bare soles and toes get teased and tormented with fingers and the feather, before adding baby lotion for a predictable crazy finale as a hysterical Joa begs and pleads for it to stop! She did say she enjoyed it though, and she couldn't wait to get her own back afterwards - coming soon!
Length: 17:18
Resolution: 1920x1080


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