UKTickling – Jay & Naia Merciless Female Tickle Team!
UKTickling – Jay & Naia Merciless Female Tickle Team!

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Missy Jay and Naia team up for the first time and deliver one of the meanest F/M tickle sessions we've ever done! Both ladies are very good ticklers, very experienced and they know how to get me...together they send me to tickle hell in this one! Stretched out with feet in the stocks, their crazy long nails prove way too much as they have me literally screaming for mercy in no time at all. At the outset, Jay assures me that they will start off lightly but Naia has other ideas and she doesn't hold back! Soon they are both delivering a frenzied tickling, with no mercy at all. They take turns tickling feet and body, sometimes doubling-up and pinning me down as they tickle from head to toe. Their nails are completely unbearable on the lycra morph suit, but they also grab hairbrushes and go hard on my feet! There's also some lickling and biting from Naia as they do everything they can to drive me nuts! This was a very intense scene and they really do enjoy making me suffer. If you love to see two highly skilled female ticklers going all-out and showing no mercy...then this is definitely the clip for you! This one also includes some very brief BTS from immediately before and after the tickling (where it's clear that Naia is not going to go easy!)
Length: 10:07
Resolution: 1920x1080


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