UKTickling – Hanging Around For Ayla’s Tickle Revenge!
UKTickling – Hanging Around For Ayla’s Tickle Revenge!

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Now it's Ayla's turn to have some fun and she has me suspended, upside down and cuffed for a merciless full-body tickle session! Naked except for her sheer pantyhose, she looks very hot as she teases and torments me. She's a very sexy tickler but a mean one too. She has full access to tickle me all over, with no way to escape and she takes full advantage of it! She tickles all over my torso, legs, groin, ass with plenty of focus on the exposed underarms. Being suspended in this position is punishment enough, but the tickling is unbearable as her long nails work me over with a mix of light and hard tickles. Ayla has great fun getting her own back and making me beg as she really goes to town, occasionally teasing with her feet or pantyhosed ass, before resuming the punishment...this clip is wild !
Length: 10:37
Resolution: 1920x1080


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