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TheBKTickler – Sushii And The Foot Stocks
TheBKTickler – Sushii And The Foot Stocks

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Here’s one of the reason why my bday week was an amazing week. I FINALLY got work with the one and only Sushii Xhyette! We met at fetishcon and I was the privilege to give her a tickle sample while there. After it became more of a goal to make this. She saw the sticks as soon as she walked through the door and was like “oh damn”. I just smiled and led the way to the bondage. My stocks was going through some technical difficulties at that moment. But I gave a temporary fix for the shoot and then fully fixed the problem later on. But back to the torment being given to sushi’s size 4. I swear I thought they were bigger. But the thickness of her soles makes them look that way. No complaints regardless. Now back to the tickle torment. The tickle wands had sushii bucking off her ass. And out of breath.. and that wasn’t the worst part. I finally got to use my tickle tool. More like a massager, but it got to her soles, it hit different. And the mix of the tickle mitt and hairbrush. Got her wishing it was over sooner than later. Check it out now!
Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920x1080


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