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TheBKTickler – Stefania And The Foot Stocks
TheBKTickler – Stefania And The Foot Stocks

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I been waiting for this... hell, EVERYBODY has! Im finally getting the one... the only.. Stefania Mafra in my foot stocks. I seen her tickle work in the past. So I knew I was gonna have fun with her. I felt with some of my techniques, I was toying with her, but she felt it all because she was that ticklish. One of the wands in between her toes had her going CRAZY! Then I did both because how she was reacting to it. She didn’t stand a chance when they were running up and down her soles as well. Then I realized that was nothing when I whipped out the hairbrush. BRUH. She went crazier. She had to cover her face because she didn’t wanna see how much it tickled her. Didn’t show her the tickle mitt, but when she used it on her, before she screamed, she asked “OMG WTF is that ??!!” I loved her finding out the hard way. Get ready to buy this. Available now
Length: 13:42
Resolution: 1920x1080


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