TheBKTickler – Macy And The Foot Stocks Sablique’s Revenge
TheBKTickler – Macy And The Foot Stocks Sablique’s Revenge

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As you all know, Macy divine is not a stranger to being locked in the stocks, but today she’s gonna wish she wasn’t. After she had her fun helping me tickle sablique, macy knew that sablique was going to want to have her fun with her as well. When it started, sablique was toying with her with just one finger. But that finger was very effective. It wasn’t long before laughter spewed out macy’s mouth. Sablique found a spot in between her toes and took full advantage. That laugh turned into screams. sablique and I decided to keep the screams going using every tool that we had on those size 8 soles of Macy. Hairbrushes, the wands, and the mitts working great against soles to the point where she was ready to tap out. The only way to find out if she is by checking it out now!
Length: 8:42
Resolution: 1280x720


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