TheBKTickler – Lora’s Tickle Table Debut
TheBKTickler – Lora’s Tickle Table Debut

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Lora abs her beautiful well toned body is about to get some serious tickling.. lemme just started of business saying her armpits are ticklish AF! While digging in them, she had a technique of biting and licking my hands to try and get me to stop.. of course you know that didn’t work. Definitely didn’t work when I combined the armpit and belly combo. Meaning they’re getting tickled at the same time. And her ticklish nipples and got a taste of the wands. Which almost caused her to fall off the table. And since that had great results why not use the wands on the rest of her body abs really make her go crazy. Enjoy watching Lora get the most intense tickling of her life. Available now
Length: 13:47
Resolution: 1280x720


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