RFStudioProduction – Krelly – Soapy Ticklish Interrogation
RFStudioProduction – Krelly – Soapy Ticklish Interrogation

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In this story, the cute secretary Krelly found herself in a difficult situation. A gangster tied her hands and legs and made her kneel on the bench. To make matters worse, he also put a collar on her, which was attached to the ceiling by a chain. Krelly has no chance of escape. The problem is that the secretary has valuable information that the gangster needs, namely the code to the safe with the company's money, where she works as a secretary. Naturally, she didn't tell the gangster the code, but he sensed that she was not simple and was hiding something. He began to search for the code and voila, after removing her heels, he finds the code that was written on one of her dirty soles. Well, Krelly, the code has been obtained, and now it's time to wash it off your dirty feet! The rigger takes soap, lathers Krelly's soles, and starts scrubbing her dirty feet. Krelly is very ticklish, and this procedure drives her crazy. She laughs from the continuous tickling with brushes and combs. When it's done and the evidence is erased from her feet, the gangster leaves her alone, taping her mouth shut with tape. Enjoy!
Length: 23:22
Resolution: 3840x2160


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