RFStudioProduction – Brittany – First tickling of hypersensitive young cutie – Upper body and feet
RFStudioProduction – Brittany – First tickling of hypersensitive young cutie – Upper body and feet

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Meet Brittany ! She's 23 yo, 173 cm tall and her shoe size is 40 (10 US). This time she's taking part in a super entertaining tickling clip! According to this young cutie, she's ticklish all over, whether it's on her upper body or her feet. So, her friend Annabelle (who, by the way, invited Brittany to the shoot) and I decided to put that to the test. First, Brittany is restrained in stocks in a lying down position, and Annabelle has fun with her friend's feet, tickling them, licking them, and even biting them, while I focus on her upper body. From the first touch, it became clear that Brittany is literally a bundle of ticklish nerves. As soon as you touch her, she reacts immediately. She's completely concentrated and tense because she knows how difficult tickling is for her. Initially, I wanted to start with a light tickle, but Annabelle immediately pounced on Brittany's feet. Where did Annabelle's anger come from? It turns out she loves tormenting girls, and during the process, she really gets off on Brittany's screams and moans. In the second part of our session, Brittany is in a seated position, still locked in stocks with her toes tied. First, my colleague, Annabelle, and I lick Brittany's soles and toes, and then we start tickling them through her intense screams and moans. After a while, I leave Brittany's feet to Annabelle and start tickling her armpits. Her armpits turned out to be the most sensitive ticklish area on Brittany's body! I thought she would break the bench with the stocks, but it held up. We tickled our way through the session, and sometimes, I had to cover her mouth with my hand so we wouldn't go deaf. Overall, Brittany is a real gem in the tickling world, and I have an irresistible desire to tickle her again and again... Enjoy!
Length: 15:28
Resolution: 3840x2160


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