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ZenTickling – Zen Punishes Blaze’s Pits
ZenTickling – Zen Punishes Blaze’s Pits

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We take a break from the feet tickling and decide to focus on my favorite spot, the armpits. Blaze is suspended from the ceiling in a Y pose with me positioned behind her, ready to strike. My tickling style is much more aggressive than Edith's, and Blaze was not expecting the difference. She squeals with laughter and squirms back and forth to try and get away. I alternate between pits/ribs and slow/hard tickles just enough to keep Blaze on her toes and to heighten the reactions that we get. Edith giggles as she sits by and watches her husband tickle dominate another woman (she likes watching my forearms work).
Length: 6:55
Resolution: 1920x1080


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