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ZenTickling – Upper Body Fun with Edith
ZenTickling – Upper Body Fun with Edith

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Here is another quick clip that Edith and I made on a whim. I have her wrists tied to the corners of our bed and she has very little room to move around. Her top is quickly removed and her body is covered in baby oil. Edith has some odd tickle spots.. her arms, neck, and ears are all exceptionally ticklish. When I use the electric toothbrush around her neck and ears she goes crazy. I like watching her lose control and continue to tickle her worst spots. After a while I decide to give her a break, switching to some soft, sensual tickling on her belly and armpits. She tells me the tickling that she likes the most and directs me to the best spots.
Duration: 6:28.933
Size: 572,012 Mb


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