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ZenTickling – Slippery Feet Tickled
ZenTickling – Slippery Feet Tickled

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Since I get soooo many requests I wanted to make sure we did a nice feet clip for all those fans out there. In this clip you get a close up of Edith's soles and I give her a good dose of tickles. Before I start I cover her feet with lotion so get them nice and slick.. then I immediately jump in to some intense tickling. I mostly use my fingers but do grab the toothbrushes and feather for a bit. Anything I use seems to be effective, and Edith has many week spots.. under the toes, tops of toes, arches, heels. She is squealing like a gremlin but loving every minute of it.
Length: 6:12
Resolution: 1920x1080


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