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ZenTickling – Riot, Meet Edith
ZenTickling – Riot, Meet Edith

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Riot was traveling through our neck of the woods and decided to make a stop to find out how good of a tickler Edith has become. Edith has been itching for a new girl to tickle ever since our previous two models left their shoot, and Riot is the perfect victim. We start off with some upper body tickling, with Riot bound and exposed in some lingerie. Edith survey's Riots whole body and begins exploring with her wiggling fingers, finding each and every tickle spot along the way. Riot is extremely ticklish all over, but her worse spots are her armpits, ribs, and hips. Riot bucks and squeals and Edith's face is beaming the entire time.
Length: 6:01
Resolution: 1920x1080


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