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ZenTickling – Payback in the Stocks
ZenTickling – Payback in the Stocks

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Emily is reeling from her very first experience being tied up and tickled, so we decide to give her a break and let her do the tickling for a bit. Edith is in the stocks with her wrists hanging from the ceiling and her soles exposed to the evil ticklers. I show Emily the best ways to tickle Edith, and soon we have her screaming. Fingers and brushes on the soles work great. When you combine feet tickles with some knee squeezes Edith really loses her mind. Her upper body is also very ticklish in this position, and Emily and I take turns tickling various spots to make sure Edith gets a good workout. At one point Edith's squeals set off the noise alert on my Apple Watch (sounds over 90 decibels can cause hearing damage after all). Such fun with these two.
Length: 4:57
Resolution: 1920x1080


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