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ZenTickling – Nicole Tickled in the Stocks
ZenTickling – Nicole Tickled in the Stocks

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I finished this brand new pair of stocks a few days before this shoot, just in time to try out on some new models. As soon as Nicole walked into the room she gushed about how awesome they looked and proceeded to take pictures of them for her instagram. She gets to test them out first, with Edith and Zen tickling her soft soles. Nicole emits a high pitched laugh and loses her breath quite a bit. Jenn joins in to help and we play with Nicole's feet using brushes, feathers, and fingers. Edith wanders off to explore Nicole's upper body while Jenn and Zen focus on the feet. The entire time Nicole is giggling and squealing, having the time of her life. As soon as we let her out she asked me to make her a custom set to take home for next time.
Length: 5:21
Resolution: 1920x1080


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