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ZenTickling – Laylou’s Feet Tickling Challenge
ZenTickling – Laylou’s Feet Tickling Challenge

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Laylou is a new model who was very eager to try a remote tickling shoot. The first scene that I had her do is a feet tickling challenge scene in which she faces the camera with her ankles in her boyfriends lap. He tries all kinds of tickling methods and is great at alternating between slow teasing and intense tickling. This is Laylou’s first time being tickled on camera and she is unsure of how she will react. When her boyfriend hits a sensitive spot you see the surprise on Laylou’s face as she tries to keep her feet still. Without a doubt the hairbrush gets the best reaction, and at times Laylou really has a hard time maintaining her composure.
Length: 7:48
Resolution: 1280x720


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