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ZenTickling – Jenn Takes a Turn in the Stocks
ZenTickling – Jenn Takes a Turn in the Stocks

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Now it's time for Jenn to have her turn in the stocks! Zen and Edith kick things off by tickling Jenn's sensitive soles with fingers and brushes. Nicole can barely contain herself and soon jumps in to find her friend's most ticklish spot. Jenn's toes are especially ticklish and she squeals when Edith maneuvers a comb in between them. One of the three ticklers moves up to Jenn's upper body, spending quite a bit of time on the ribs, neck, and back. At one point Edith goes rogue and begins tickling Nicole's ribs all while Nicole is tickling Jenn's feet. Jenn is giggling the entire time but really seems to love being the helpless ticklee.
Length: 6:38
Resolution: 1920x1080


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