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ZenTickling – Immobile Edith Tickled
ZenTickling – Immobile Edith Tickled

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We have plenty of this cool bondage tape on hand and I decided to try something new with it. Edith rests on a bench with her arms above her head. I tightly wrap her ankles to knees against the legs of the bench, then secure her arms. This position leaves her totally immobile with little ability to squirm away from the tickling. Edith's hips, belly, and ribs get the most attention, though I also get her armpits and thighs. Her upper ribs, just below the breasts, are especially ticklish. She starts to get a little bit worried because there is absolutely nothing she can do to break free if I decide to test her limits.
Length: 7:32
Resolution: 1920x1080


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