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ZenTickling – Emily’s Introduction to Tickling
ZenTickling – Emily’s Introduction to Tickling

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Emily is a new model who happened to be passing through the area and thought the idea of a tickling shoot sounded exciting. She typically does glamour and lingerie modeling, so it is a bit outside of her normal comfort zone. Edith is very eager to have a fresh girl bound in the rack, and as soon as Emily is secured Edith begins exploring her exposed body. The armpits and ribs are extremely ticklish, causing Emily to trash and squeal. Raspberries are very effective, which makes Edith very happy. Emily's hips and knees are also very sensitive. At one several spots Emily fights so hard that she is able to wiggle one of her ankles out of the stocks, and we pause to make sure she is put back where she belongs. However, I make her pay for breaking free near the end with some intense tickling.. she promises never to do it again!
Length: 5:41
Resolution: 1920x1080


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