ZenTickling – Blaze Tries the Stocks
ZenTickling – Blaze Tries the Stocks

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Blaze had a bit of a break during her time as the tickler, and now she's back in the hot seat. This time we have her locked in the stocks with her arms tied above her head. Edith gives her a few pit/rib tickles to start before moving down to focus on the feet. Blaze's toes are tied back and her soles are helplessly exposed to Edith's devious fingers. Edith tests out different techniques and tools to determine what might work best. Blazes's body vibrates as she bounces back and forth, trying to distract herself from the tickling. Zen helps out for a bit near the end when Edith decides that Blaze needs more rib tickles.
Length: 9:26
Resolution: 1920x1080


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