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UKTickling – Too Much For Clara’s Crazy-Ticklish Feet!
UKTickling – Too Much For Clara’s Crazy-Ticklish Feet!

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Beautiful and super-ticklish babe Clara Jasmine returns and goes into the red stocks for a foot tickle session that she won't forget in a hurry. Clara is unbearably ticklish but this one really proved too much for her super-sensitive feet in the end! Wearing a hot white dress with sheer pantyhose, Clara has her hands free as her feet are trapped in the stocks. The tickling begins and she's soon cracking up as her sheer soles are tickled with fingers and then the brush. Poor Clara really loses control as she realises her feet are more ticklish than ever! We have to pause several times as the tickling really is too much at times...and because she nearly kicks the stocks off the table when she squirms and wriggles around! Her nylon feet get toe-tied and tickled too, which proves even more horrendous when the brush comes out again and poor Clara begs and pleads for it to stop! She's breathless but the tickling continues and her pantyhose are ripped to expose her sexy barefeet too. Clara gets a little breather as the feather gently tickles her bare soles, before it gets more intense and she's laughing hysterically once more! The lotion is very bad news for her and in the final minutes she gets a very intense workout with the fingers and the brush on her slippery soles...with the toe-ties too! It really is too much by the end and we have to stop as Clara's feet really can't handle any more. A very hot scene - Clara really is crazy-ticklish!
Length: 12:14
Resolution: 1920x1080


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